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How to Become a Paid Member # 1126 Back to Directory   Review Date:2016.01.11
Help Category: General Website

Summary: How to create free membership, then convert to Paid

The first step is to create a "free" member record. To do this, click on "login" link on the front page. Then create a free membership by inserting a member record. When you insert the member record you will be returned to the front page, and you should see your email address in green at the top. The free membership allows you to access all the mountain pages, but not trip reports or feature photos.

To covert your membership from "free" to "paid", login using your free member record. This will return you to the Bivouac home page. Then again click the "Login" link, and click on "Convert to Paid member", and follow instructions.

It costs $25/year Canadian dollars, or $50 for 3 years. You can pay via credit card, or send me a check, or other methods. The credit card processing is done via PayPal, but you don't need a paypal account.