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Upload Photo for Member Page # 1124 Back to Directory   Review Date:2014.08.08
Help Category: Photos

Summary: How to upload one or more photos

Member Pages, Road Bulletins and Trip Reports all use the same photo upload mechanism. The basic idea is to go to the member page and push the "UploadPhoto" link. Follow he instructions on the upload screen, and the photo will be automatically uploaded, sized and will display in your report. You then go into the report and move the link to the desired part of your text, and adjust the caption.


  1. Log Onto the system and go to your Member Page. You can get to your member page by searching for your name, or by clicking the green Email Address link that is at the top of every page.

  2. On your member page, click "Upload Photo". This brings up Screen #1 - Upload and delete images

  3. Push the "Upload File" button. This will upload the file to our server. You will then be back at screen #1 again, and you will see the name of the file you uploaded in yellow.

  4. Click the "Update Your User Page" link. This displays your user page, and you should see the photo.

  5. Click the brown "Update" link on your member page. You now see a link to your photo at the start of the description field. It looks like below: [photo]W01.jpg[caption]describe photo here[/photo]

  6. Adjust the caption
     Replace the words "describe photo here" with a description of the photo.