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Download multiple roads to GPS # 1123 Back to Directory   Review Date:2014.08.06
Help Category: GPS - Download to GPS

Summary: Rather than downloading one road or trail at a time, download a whole set.

(Export multiple track logs as gpx file) You can export all the roads and trails in an area as a gpx file, and then drag that file onto your GPS. The roads and trails will become track logs on your GPS. There are several ways to do this. The easiest is to go to any mountain page and click the "Gpx20" link. That will download all the roads, trails and also peaks within 20 km. You can also download a bunch of roads and trails by using the Radius Guide, but I seldom do that nowdays (2016), because the Gpx20 link is simpler. A third way to download a set of trails is to go to the "road plan" and download just the trails that are in that plan. But this depends on how complete the road plan is for those trails.


  1. Find one of the gpx links
     Go to any mountain page and find the Gpx20 link.

  2. Click the Gpx20 link
     This will put the gpx20 file onto your computer.

  3. If you are doing this on smartphone, go to separate instructions to load gpx file into phone. If doing it with a Garmin Gpx continue.

  4. Plug in GPS
     Plug in the GPS and flip to "Mass Storage Mode". After a few seconds, your computer should recognize the GPS as a drive letter. (Usually E: on my computer)

  5. Using "My Computer", browse to the Garmin folder on the GPS.

  6. Drag the Gpx file to that folder.

  7. Unplug the GPS and then use it's Track Manager. You should see a list of the roads and trails from that gpx. A single gpx can contain multiple roads and trails.

  8. Turn the trails on, one by one.

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