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Update email address # 1120 Back to Directory   Review Date:2018.04.29
Help Category: General Website

Summary: How to login using your old email, and update your email address.

Your email address is one of the fields contained in your member record. The general idea is to update your email address, then send yourself a validation message to prove that it works. These instructions are very similar to Self-Verify your email address. Here's how:

Step by Step:

  1. On the home page, click "Login/Subscribe". This brings up the login form.

  2. Log onto Bivouac using your old email address as the login code. If you are successful, you will be returned to the home page, and you'll see your old email address on the top of the screen, in green. If you can't remember your old email address, see instructions for Forgot my password.

  3. Click on your email address. This brings up "member Settings" page.

  4. Click "Update Your Member Record". This brings up an update form.

  5. Fill in the new address, and click "Update". This will return you to your "Member Settings" page. Note that at the bottom of your member settings page there is a heading called "Email Validation", and under that it tells you your address is "unconfirmed".

  6. Click the link titled "Send Yourself a Validation Message". This sends you a validation email.

  7. Go into your email "In Box" and look for a message with the title "Bivouac Self Email Validation". Go into the message, and click on the link in the message. This should set the status of your new email address to "Good". Everything is now ready to go. If you went to your Member settings Page again, you will see that you are confirmed.