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Find a Trip Report Id # 1116 Back to Directory   Review Date:2012.11.05
Help Category: Photos

Summary: When filling in a photo essay how do I get the Trip report Id?

Background: The "feature photo" (photo essay) database form has a field called "TripId". This field is designed to link that photo to a given trip report. To get the Trip report Id, go to the Trip report page, and copy the ID off the URL.

For example, below is the URL for my trip titled "Overland to Golden Hinde"


The Id is the number on the end of the URL, labelled tripId=5003. The large feature photos that are linked to that trip would have "5003" in the field called trip id.

In general, every database record has an Id, and these Id's are often requested in other related database records. For example, every mountain has an id, which you would get by going to the mountain page. This would be the id you use in a trip report form.