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Download one road to your Garmin GPS # 1113 Back to Directory   Review Date:2014.08.05
Help Category: GPS - Download to GPS

Summary: How can I download a track log for a trail onto my GPS?

I assume you already know An Introduction to GPS Data transfer. The procedure is different for a Garmin GPS versus a smartphone GPS. On the smartphone, you do the whole download operation on the phone.

(Put road or trail on GPS) You can export road and trail waypoints from Bivouac as a gpx file. You can then put this GPX file onto your GPS. The roads and trails will become track logs. You can then use the normal track manager on your GPS to see the track log.

For example, on Sigurd-Pokosha Horseshoe -Bike and Hike (with Sigurd Lake) I loaded the Pokosha Spur onto my GPS, and then we navigated to it when trying to find the trail.


  1. In Bivouac, go to the road/trail page for "Garibaldi Lake, and click "Download GPX File. (As of 2012, the link is at the bottom of the page, below the waypoints). This will get the file onto your computer. Make sure the file extension is .gpx

  2. Plug in the Garmin GPS, and go to "mass storage mode". It should be recognized as E: drive.

  3. Drag the GPX file into the directory E:\garmin\gpx (This puts the file onto your GPS.)

  4. Disconnect the GPS from the computer.

  5. Start up the GPS in stand-alone mode

  6. Go to the Track Manager on your GPS
     You should see a track called "Garibaldi Lake Trail". Click on it, and "View Map". You now see the trail on the map. Note that you also see 8 waypoint flags. These correspond to the bivouac waypoints that had descriptions, such as "Jct with Taylor Meadows Trail". In the waypoint manager, they show up with names like 2.6 or 5.2,which are the names assigned by bivouac corresponding to mileages.