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GMap Draw and Save # 1110 Back to Directory   Review Date:2018.06.10
Help Category: GMap

Summary: How to Click..Click..Click a set of waypoints on the map, then cut and paste the whole set into trip report.

These are general instructions on using GMap Draw and Save. They outline some of the details that are not mentioned in the more specific instructions such as "Get Trip Waypoints from GMap" or "Get Road Waypoints from bivouac".

GMap "Draw and Save" allows you to create Bivouac waypoints from the map. In some cases, you might be creating the line from your memory of where you went on the map, and in other cases you might be tracing a line already created by importing a "raw gpx file". But in both cases you use GMap. Just on the map and you see a series of red circles connected by lines. Then right click on any one of those circles to get a menu that allows you to copy and paste the resulting waypoints into your Bivouac input form. The track you made on the map will be in Bivouac waypoints format. Most of the waypoints format is the same format for a trip report or road record, although there are many special keywords such as BRIDGE_IN that are used only in road records.

By default, the GMap link starts a separate tab. Getting waypoints from GMap is easiest if you start up two separate browser windows: on the left is your trip report, and on the right is a GMap of the area. (I assume you know how to start up multiple browser windows on your computer). Once you have two windows, you then mark out your route in the right window, then copy and paste the result into your "Waypoints" field.


  1. Get your trip report in window #1
     At this point it has no waypoints, so it can't be used to position the map.

  2. Open a second window for Gmap
     Since we don't yet have any waypoints in our trip report, we can't launch GMap from the trip report. So open a second window, and in that window, search for a nearby mountain. Eg: Assume "Garibaldi" is close to your trip.

  3. Click GMap link
     Click GMap link on the mountain page. This brings up GMap around Mount Garibaldi, and in a separate tab from the Mount Garibaldi page. (and in the first window we still have the trip report)

  4. Start "Draw and Save"
     In the upper right corner of the map, click "Menu" and then "Draw and Save". It is the 10th choice down the list.

  5. Click First point
     Click the mouse on the first point of your line. You will see a red circle with a cross hair in it.

  6. Click Subsequent points
     Move to the next point, and click. You will see a second red circle and a line connecting from the first to second point. Click the third, fourth and fifth points and so on.

  7. Drag point to new position
     You can adjust any point by dragging it with the mouse. (Hold down the left mouse button while in the point, and drag.

  8. Label a point
     You can label any point by right clicking on it, then click "Edit this Point" and fill in the comment field. For example "we parked here" or "*Camp1"

  9. Save waypoints in Bivouac format
     When done the route, right click on any one of those points. Up pops a menu. Scroll down to the bottom. Click "Bivouac Display waypoint Text". This pops up a window labelled "Bivouac Waypoint Text File". Your waypoints are already highlighted in blue.

  10. Open Update Form
     The above walk through assumes that your target trip report is in one of the other tabs in your browser (or a separate window). Therefore once you've "copied" the bivouac waypoints into your "clip board", you need to open up an update form so you can paste them into the waypoints field. Open the form by pushing the "Upd" link.

  11. Copy to your Bivouac waypoints field
     Copy the contents of the above window into your trip report, road page or whatever you are working on. Assuming the points are already highlighted in blue, just click "Edit..Copy" in your browser, then go to the other window where you have your trip report form, and click "edit..Paste".