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Get single waypoint from Gmap # 1106 Back to Directory   Review Date:2018.06.10
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Summary: How to get individual waypoints for trip reports from GMap.

This is the method to cut and paste INDIVIDUAL waypoints one by one from GMap. (either for Bivouac trip report or roads). Nowdays, most people don't do waypoints one by one, instead they use the GMap GMap Draw and Save function to a whole sequence of points.

However, if you want just a single waypoint, just move the mouse to the desired location, and right click, then cut and paste the lat-long to your destination. I always use two separate windows: one window containing GMap and the other containing the update form for a trip report, or waypoint working file. On a Macbook pro track pad, right click is a two finger click.

Here is a step by step instructions:

  1. For this tutorial, we'll use two separate windows. (I assume you know how to operate your computer with two browser windows on the screen at once). Window #1 will be the window we display GMap in, and window #2 will be the "destination". The destination most likely is a trip report. However, in this tutorial, you can use a "waypoints working file" for the experiments. (Waypoints working files are on your authors menu).

  2. In window #1, go to a mountain page, for example, Mount Robson. At the top of the Mount Robson page, find the red "GMap" link. Click it. This causes the GMap topo map to come up.

  3. In Window #2, go to your Author Menu and click "Waypoint Working Files". Click the brown "insert" link, to bring up an "insert" form for a waypoint working file.

  4. Go back to the topo map in window #1, and move the mouse to to your first waypoint. For example, move the mouse to the "Mist Glacier", about 1 km north of Mount Robson.

  5. Right click on the Mist Glacier. This will cause a cream colored window to pop up containing the lat-long in various formats. The format you want for bivouac reports is now the decimal degree format. Eg: 53.123805,-119.166813

  6. Cut and paste the lat-long into the "WayPts" field in the other window. Then label the field. Eg:

     53.123805,-119.166813=Mist Glacier

  7. Move the mouse to a second point, such as the Berg Glacier, and cut and past that point into your WayPts working file

     53.131839,-119.147415=Berg Glacier
    Continue as above, until you have traced your whole route.

  8. Put a title on your route, such as "route North of Robson", and push the "insert" button in the upper left corner of the insert form. Now you see the title of your report in your Waypoint Working files.

  9. Click on the title of your report. This brings up a page with a crude sketch map of your waypoints. Click on the GMap link at the top of that page. You now see a purple line connecting the Mist Glacier with the Berg Glacier.

  10. You can do the same procedure to get waypoints for a trip report.

  11. Now that you know how to get waypoints one by one, I want to tell you that you can also get a whole set of waypoints at once, by using the "Draw and Save" function.