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Delete Trip Report # 1101 Back to Directory   Review Date:2015.10.06
Help Category: Trip Reports

Summary: How can a normal author delete a trip report? For example, if I accidentally insert a trip report twice?

Trip reports are deleted using special "delayed delete" links. This ensures you don't accidentally delete a valuable trip. The "delayed delete" links are a magenta color. They appear on the Trip Report page. They also appear beside the trip titles on the trip list which is part of your Author's Menu. The "delayed delete" marks your trip report for later deletion by an admin person. In the meantime, it will no longer show up in What's New or in searches. This idea is sometimes called a "logical delete".

Step by Step:

  1. Go to your "Author Menu". This brings up a list of different article types, such as Photo Essays, Trip Reports, etc.

  2. Click on "Trip Reports". This starts up the "Trip Report Lister", which lists your trip report titles. Notice that beside each title is a magenta delete link. It is a special color because the delete is a delayed delete.

  3. Click the "delete" link. This brings up the "Delete Confirmation Screen".

  4. Click "Mark For Deletion". This 'logically deletes' your trip report by putting it onto a list for deletion, and in the meantime makes it disappear from What's New, and show as gray on your trip lister.

Where are the delete links?
 1. On the Trip Lister, as described above
 2. On the trip page itself.

If you make a mistake and accidentally mark the wrong trip report, you can restore it by clicking the update link ("Upd"), and then go to the bottom of the form, and flip "Logical Delete" from "Yes" back to "No".