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Upload photo to Road Bulletin # 1100 Back to Directory   Review Date:2016.10.26
Help Category: Road Bulletins

Summary: How to put pictures into a road or trail bulletin.

Overview: First insert the bulletin without photos. Then click on the title of your newly inserted bulletin and click the "upload photo" link. When you have uploaded the photo, it will immediately display. Then all you need to do is go back into your bulletin and move the link to the correct location.


  1. Go to the road page
     And find the bulletin you already inserted.

  2. Click on title of your bulletin
     this brings up a bulletin page, which should contain a link that says "upload photo".

  3. Click "Upload Photo"
      This brings up a screen called "Screen #1 - Upload and Delete Images".

  4. Browse to photo
     Click on the "Upload Image" link on Screen #1 and click "Browse" to find the file on your hard disk. Select the filename, and click the "Open" button.

  5. Upload the photo
     Push the "Upload File" button. This will upload the file to our server. You will then be back at screen #1 again, and you will see the name of the file you uploaded in yellow.

  6. Go back to Road Bulletin page
     From screen #1, click the link labelled "Update Your Road Bulletin". This displays your road bulletin. You will see the photo.

  7. Click the Update link
     (adjust the position and caption of your photo)
     When you bring up the edit form for your bulletin, you now see a link to your photo at the start of your description field. It looks like below:
    [photo]W01.jpg[caption]describe photo here[/photo]

  8. Move the link to the correct place in your bulletin, and update the caption. Then save it.