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Make photo display on mountain page # 1033 Back to Directory   Review Date:2012.10.01
Help Category: Photos

Summary: How to cause a photo to appear on a mountain page. Link photo to mountain page.

At one time, the system allowed you to upload a small photo directly to a mountain page, but that's not the way it works now. The way it works now is that the picture on the mountain page is derived from a larger "stand-alone photo". (These were formerly called "photo essays" or "feature photos"). So to get a photo to appear on the mountain page, there must first be a separate "Feature Photo" of that mountain. You then put the Id of that feature photo into the mountain record. This causes the system to automatically prepare a small version of the feature photo which will appear on the mountain page.

For example, suppose you were looking at the mountain page for a peak such as Caboose Peak, which had no photo. In order to get a photo to appear on that page, you would first of all Insert a Feature Photo with a large version of the photo. Then you would put the ID of that photo into the "Feature Photo Id" field of the mountain record. (You must have editor priviledges to do this). That will cause a small version of your photo to be prepared automatically, which will appear on the mountain page.

 If you don't understand the above, here is a simple tutorial whereby you'll learn all about how the mechanism works. We use Mount Garibaldi as an example. When you are looking at the Mount Garibaldi page, if you are an editor, you'll see an "Update" link beside the title. Click that link, which brings up a form for updating the mountain page. Note that there is a field called "Feature Photo Id". Note that the field contains the photo essay Id #4520, which is a photo essay inserted by Matt Gunn.

If you click the "help" link for the field, and read the help message, it says that the photo essay must have Mount Garibaldi as its "subject". If you look at his feature photo, you'll notice it has Mount Garibaldi as its subject. If you want to experiment, you can temporarily put photo Id 8408 into the field, which is a photo by Klaus Haring called "Hops Peak and Mount Garibaldi". When you do this, you will get an error message on the mountain page, telling you the photo essay Id does not have Mount Garibaldi as the subject. That's because the main subject is "Hops Peak".