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Insert New Road or Trail # 1031 Back to Directory   Review Date:2016.09.16
Help Category: Roads and Trails

Summary: How do I insert new roads and trails not in Bivouac database?

The starting point for inserting or editing road records is to read Road Editor's Manual. To keep things organized, we have a "road plan" for each network of roads. The road plan sets the standards for naming, and discusses tricky issues such as where to break the roads, etc. The road plans are administered by R Tivy. If there are any issues regarding inserting a new road, it is best to email me, and I can insert it. However if all you want to do is insert a road or trail which has no issues, and no cleanup required, then you can insert it directly.

Junction Codes: When digitizing a road from the satellite, the standard is to label all visible junctions with a junction code such as "Jct 45". About Junction Codes.


  1. Insert the road record
     Use this link Insert Road. You can get the same link using the "Index" link on the front page, then search for "Insert Road". Use GMap to make sure the road is not already in the system under some different name. If some cleanup of existing roads is necessary, contact Robin Tivy.

  2. Get Title for road (or trail)
     If there is already a name for the road, you can often find it using GMap "hybrid" view (choice "h") or or t8 Topo World OSM Cycle. If you have to make up a name, the safest thing is to use a creek name. For logging spurs you often need to create a name. There are various spur naming systems such as distance from the start of the mainline, but discussion of these is beyond the scope of this document.

  3. Fill in condition field, etc
     And whatever other fields you know. Look at the field help for each field.

  4. Get Waypoints
     The two main sources of waypoints are (1) GMap, or (2) a GPX file. Both methods are described in the following links: See Get Road Waypoints From GMap or Get Road Waypoints from a Gpx File.

  5. Put in Waypoint Change record
     After inserting a new road, put in an initial Waypoints change record, so we know where the waypoints came from. Click the "insert" link at the bottom of the road page, and describe where you got the waypoints from, any decisions you made, etc.

  6. Put in the first road bulletin
     Assuming you were actually on the road. Don't be afraid to duplicate the description you may also put in the main road record.