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Find road and trail information # 1019 Back to Directory   Review Date:2015.10.06
Help Category: Search

Summary: Do you know how to find road information?

 The best way to find road information is to use GMap. You bring up a map of the surrounding area showing all roads in the area. You can then click on any relevant road or trail, without knowing it's name. (I keep getting complaints of people saying they searched for a given trail and couldn't find it because it had a slightly different name) Use the map, don't try and search for the name! See Find a Road using GMap.

To start GMap, go to the mountain page of a nearby mountain, then click the "GMap" link.

Although GMap is the best way to look up road information when on your computer, if you are on your smart phone it is quicker to directly use the "Radius Search".

Once you have found the relevant road or trail record, the most recent information is in the "road bulletins".

 (find the latest info on the Helm Creek trail). The tutorial assumes you know that trail is close to Black Tusk.

  1. Find Black Tusk
     In the search box on the front page, go to the "Black Tusk" page.

  2. Click GMap
     On the Black Tusk page, click "GMap". This brings up a topo map with the roads overlaid on it. Note that each road has small green icons with a single digit 0 to 9.

  3. Find the Helm Creek Trail
     Looking at the map, find Helm Creek. Note that there is a trail that runs up the east side of Helm Creek which has a series of green icons containing the number "2". Here is what they look like: <img src=Icons_Active/NumIcon2.png>. Hover your mouse over one of these little green icons. You should see "Helm Creek Trail +7.1 km". I call these the "Road Number Icons". The little numbers are called the "local number" for the trail. It is actually just the last digit of the full road ID number which in this case is trail #2852.

  4. Click on road number icon
     Actually click on one of the road number icons (not just hover, but click). This pops up a link to the road page itself. Eg: "Helm Creek Trail"

  5. Click on the title
     When you click on the title, a separate tab opens up This should now be looking at the page for "Helm Creek Trail"

  6. Scroll down to "Bulletins"
     Under the bulletins section, you should see bulletins posted by other members. They are sorted with the most recent bulletin first.