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Insert a Feature Photo # 1018 Back to Directory   Review Date:2016.06.10
Help Category: Photos

Summary: How to enter a large stand-alone photo, such as a large photo of a mountain.

Almost all feature photos (also called "Stand-alone Photos" or "photo essays") are of mountains, but it can also be something like a waterfall or animal. It is useful to know how the system handles stand-alone photos. A stand-alone photo has two parts: the database record and the image file. The database record has the date, vantage point and description for the photo. When you insert that record, a dialog then asks you for the actual .jpg file.

Details:(Step by Step)

  1. Go to the front page of Bivouac.

  2. Click on your login code in green, at the top of the page.

  3. Click on "Author's Menu" link, then "Feature Photos", then "Insert Photo". A form will appear to describe the photo.

  4. Fill in the form and click the "Insert" button in the upper left corner. (If it is your first photo essay, just put minimal information into the fields, then save the record. You can always come back and update. The only field that is hard to fill in is the vantage lat-long" (the latlong where you took the photo from). Here is an example of some of the fields:

      PhotoTitle: Golden Hinde from Burman Lake
      Photo Date: 2003.08.03
      Vantage Point: From viewpoint along Phillips Ridge
      Vantage LatLong: 49:36:25-125:41:15
      Caption: Golden Hinde with Burman Lake in Foreground
      Description: xxx

  5. Push the Insert button (in the upper left corner of the form). This will now redirect you to the Photo Uploader screen.

  6. Follow instructions on the upload screens, and your image file will be uploaded and linked to the data record.

  7. Return to your photo essay and see the photo, and make any subsequent edits to the information.

 If somehow the automatic redirection gets screwed up, you can always go to the photo title in your author's menu, and click on the Upload Photo link. I tested it on 2013.01.13 and uploaded a photo. The photo filename was automatically put in place in the photo record.

Don't confuse stand-alone photos with the simple "in-line" photos you can upload to a trip report.

The system is now designed to allow you to upload really large photos, and then it will automatically prepare a smaller version of the photo. You can directly upload large photos sometimes as large as 2500 pixels without shrinking them first on your computer. However if the photo is really huge, the system will tell you to shrink it first.