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View help messages on forms # 1017 Back to Directory   Review Date:2016.07.19
Help Category: Trip Reports

Summary: Do you know about "Field Help" on update forms?

The data input forms in Bivouac have help messages for each field on the form. For example, if you are trying to insert a road bulletin, note that all the data fields are links. Click the link for the field called "InfoDate". What happens is a pink screen pops up with "Field Help for InfoDate".

When you have read the message, push the back arrow on your browser to get back to your input form.

NOTE: If you want to be absolutely sure to not lose your partially complete input, bring up the help page in a separate window by right clicking on the link. Then close the window when you've read the help.

Every field in the system has a similar help message. It is important to read these the first time you insert a new type of record, such as a photo essay or trip report.