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Update member record (Change Password or email) # 1016 Back to Directory   Review Date:2014.01.20
Help Category: General Website

Summary: Update your email address or change your password

Your password is stored in your member record. Therefore, to update your password you just update your member record. The link that allows you to update your member record is on your "Member Settings" page. Here's how to find your "member settings" page and thus update your member record:

Related Help Notes:
 Any other fields in your member record can also be updated in the same way, such as your phone number. However, if you want to update your email address it is a bit different because you have to validate your new email message. Therefore I describe this in separate help notes titled Update email address.


  1. Log into the system using the old email address you have in your member record. You will now see your email address in green at the top of every page. (This may be out of date).

  2. Click your email address. This brings up a page titled "Member Settings".

  3. Click the link called "Update Your Member Record". This will display an input form containing all your member information.

  4. Change the email address or password field.

  5. Push the "update" button in the upper left corner. This will return you to your "member settings" page.

  6. If you changed your email address, the system will then send you a confirmation message with a link which you must click to change the status of your email address to "Good".