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Insert Road Bulletin # 1013 Back to Directory   Review Date:2016.09.21
Help Category: Road Bulletins

Summary: Are you familiar with road bulletins? Have you ever entered a road bulletin?

In this example, I'm going to explain how to enter a road bulletin for the Hurley River Road. The general idea is to find the road, push the bulletin insert link, and fill in the form and save it. Here are step by step instructions:

  1. Find the road
     The first step is to find the correct road page. If you know the name, you can search by name. Or Find a Road using GMap.

  2. Find the Bulletin Insert Link
     Once you have the road page, scroll down to the Bulletins section. Beside the bolded title "Bulletins" is a small brown "Insert" link. It looks like this: ("Insert").

  3. Click the Insert Link
     This brings up an insert form into which you can type your bulletin.

  4. Fill in the form and Insert it
     Fill in the fields on the form and push the "Insert" button in the upper left corner of the form. This will return you to the Road page, where you will see your newly inserted bulletin.

  5. Updating your bulletin
     If you want to update a bulletin you have already inserted, just click the small brown "Upd" link beside the title of your bulletin. Similarly you can delete your bulletin. In general, all the data editing in the system has the same idea of the small brown "Insert" links. If you are inserting into a list, the link is always beside the title of the list.