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Insert Trouble Ticket # 1012 Back to Directory   Review Date:2016.07.20
Help Category: General Website

Summary: Do you know how to enter a trouble ticket?

To find the trouble ticket system, use the Index on the front page. You must be logged in to use the trouble ticket system. You can be logged in either as a free member or a paid member.

  1. Find the trouble ticket system in the index

  2. Click "Trouble Tickets"
     This brings up a list of recent trouble tickets. You can check to make sure someone else hasn't also reported the same problem.

  3. Click the small brown "Insert" link
     At the top of the trouble ticket list beside the title "Trouble Tickets" is a small brown "insert" link.

  4. Fill in the trouble ticket form

  5. Push the "Insert" button at the top left of the form
     This will insert your trouble ticket into the database, and immediately send an email to the admin.