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Text Search (on front page) # 1010 Back to Directory   Review Date:2016.09.23
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Summary: Do you know how to look up a given mountain using the search box on the front page?

The text search is the usual way to start investigating an area. For example, if you wanted to look at all the trails around Mount Garibaldi, you would search for "Mount Garibaldi", then go to the mountain page for Mount Garibaldi and then click the GMap link to bring up a map. This search depends on an exact match, of at least the string for which you are searching.


  1. Find the search box
     The search box for the "text search" is at the top of the home page. Type the name of a peak into the search window at the top of the page, for example "Mount Garibaldi". If you are not sure if it is "Mount Garibaldi" or "Garibaldi Peak", just type "Garibaldi". Note that the search ONLY matches the exact string, so if you type "Garibaldi Peak" you don't find the main "Mount Garibaldi". You can also search for part of the word, such as "Gari"

  2. Click the "Search" button.
     You will see the "Search Results". Note there are numerous subheadings, such as "Mountains", Roads and Trails, Areas, and so on. These correspond to different types of database records that have been searched.

  3. Click the Mountain page link
     If you are searching for a mountain, the link to the mountain pages that match will be at the top of the list, under "Mountains". Even if your end goal is to look for trip reports to Mount Robson, you should first of all click on the mountain page, not directly on trip pages. The reason to go through the mountain page is because it will show ALL the trip reports near Mount Robson, even if they don't have Mount Robson in the title. It uses the lat-long, and does not depend on the title text.

  4. Looking at mountain page
     Note that at the bottom of the mountain page is a complete list of ALL trip reports regardless of whether or not the title contains "Robson".

Other Text Searches: In addition to the names of mountains, you can use the same text search to search for anything else in the database including towns, ranges, photos, discussions or documents. You can also search for a huge number of technical articles such as "GPS" or "Map Datums" or "Prominence". You can also search for system functions such as "Trouble Tickets" (which are also in the Index).

- towns, mountain ranges
  - articles (Search for "GPS" or "Map Datum"
  - system functions