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Club List
Below are a list of major established clubs with which we have contact on a regular basis. If you want to advertise your club, please read the charges for listing clubs and then contact us.


Mountaineering Club of Alaska (MCA) Mountaineering club based in Anchorage. Founded in 1958. Maintains library of past newsletters. Promotes conservation and helping with trail maintenance. *Org Upd


Alpine Club of Canada - Calgary Section Calgary. 700 members. Mountaineering trips of all kinds, (backcountry skiing, ice climbing, rock climbing, and alpine climbing). Weekend courses. Environment issues. *Org Upd

Alpine Club of Canada - Edmonton Section Edmonton. Full schedule of weekend trips, at least two week-long climbing camps each summer. Alpine climbing, rock climbing, hiking, ski touring, ice climbing. *Org Upd

Alpine Club of Canada - Rocky Mountain Section Canmore. Hiking, climbing, mountaineering, ice climbing or ski touring. Meetings the first Tuesday of each month (except July and August) at at 7 pm at the ACC Clubhouse in Canmore. *Org Upd

Calgary Scrambling and Mountaineering Club Club in Calgary, members meet for specific trips. *Org Upd

Grant MacEwan Mountain Club Edmonton, 1978. 250 members. Trips throughout the year, as well as courses, workshops and social events. *Org Upd

Rocky Mountain Ramblers Calgary. 1954. Hiking, scrambling, ski mountaineering, backpacking, and cycling. 250 trips per year. Meetings every Wednesday evening at 7:30 at Rosemont Community Hall, 2807 10th Street NW, Calgary. *Org Upd

British Columbia

Alpine Club of Canada - Vancouver Island Section 200 members. Day hikes, week-long trips. Rock climbing, backpacking into remote wilderness areas, ski touring, glacier travel, and often bushwacking. Annual journal, "The Bushwacker". Trips schedules. *Org Upd

Alpine Club of Canada - Vancouver Section Vancouver. Meet new friends & discover the BC wilderness! 500 members - all ages & abilities. Hiking, climbing, skiing. Weekend trips, weeklong camps, workshops & courses. Monthly meetings, excellent slideshows. *Org Upd

Alpine Club of Canada - Whistler Section Located in Whistler, 150 members. Monthly meetings/slideshows. Newsletter, courses, + 80+ trips per year. Maintains Wendy Thompson Memorial Hut. *Org Upd

British Columbia Mountaineering Club Vancouver. Incorporated 1907. Meeting once a month at ANZA club in Vancouver. Has published trip schedule, with 3 trips per weekend. Mountaineering camps in summer. Annual journal. 500 members. *Org Upd

Burnaby Outdoor Club Burnaby. Full schedule of hiking, walking, ski, snowshoe, cycling. Social events include spring potluck, summer barbeque and Christmas dinner and dance. Week-long trips in spring and summer. *Org Upd

Caledonia Ramblers Prince George. Hiking schedule, trail maintenance, publishes hiking book for trails near Prince George. *Org Upd

Chilliwack Outdoor Club Chilliwack. Club outings are planned at monthly meetings, held on the last Monday of each month. *Org Upd

Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC Umbrella organization representing the mountain clubs of BC. Dedicated to representing the interests of people who enjoy non-mechanized recreation. *Org Upd

Kootenay Mountaineering Club Nelson, BC. Mountaineering and conservation, has published trip schedule and annual mountaineering camps. Single $20/year. *Org Upd

North Shore Hikers Vancouver. Since 1958, has 600 members, hiking, snowshoeing, cycling, back country skiing and backpacking. Also multi-day trips. *Org Upd

North Vancouver Outdoors Club North Vancouver . We organize trips each weekend for hiking, backpacking, cycling, backcountry skiing. *Org Upd

Self Propelled Outdoor Club A group of dedicated adventurers climbing local BC peaks who travel from home to the peak fully self-propelled (almost alway including bicycles) to climb and explore the local mountains. *Org Upd

SFU Outdoor Recreation Club Vancouver. Simon Fraser University. SFU students and alumni in Coast Range. Information on club membership, upcoming trips and gear rentals *Org Upd

Tetrahedron Outdoor Club Sechelt, BC. Hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities on the Sunshine Coast. Constructed and maintain the trails and backcountry cabins in Tetrahedron Provincial Park. *Org Upd

The Heathens Campbell River. Outdoor club with rock climbing, mountaineering, kayaking, skiing, mountain biking. Two or three scheduled outings a year. *Org Upd

Valley Outdoor Club Hiking, snowshoeing, backpacking, skiing and cycling. With over 200 members we offer a full year-round program. Activities are planned for every level of fitness and experience. Multi-day trips and an annual summer camp are also offered. *Org Upd

Varsity Outdoor Club Vancouver. The VOC has been an active west coast exploration group for decades. Climbing, mountaineering, backcountry skiing and hiking. Maintains four mountain huts in the coast range. *Org Upd


American Alpine Club Funded in 1902 and is the leading national organization in the United States devoted to mountaineering, climbing, and the multitude of issues facing climbers. *Org Upd


ACC Thunder Bay Alpine Club of Canada Thunder Bay Members? *Org Upd

Alpine Club of Canada - Toronto Section Toronto. Rock climbing, ice climbing, back country ski-ing. Cabin near Bon Echo. Newsletter, socials, climbing camps. *Org Upd


Mazamas Founded in 1894 in Portland Oregon. We offer about 500 hikes and 300 climbs annually. Activities are open to both members and non-members. To join Mazamas, you need to have climbed to the summit of a glaciated mountain peak. *Org Upd


Seattle Mountaineers Founded in 1906 in Seattle *Org Upd

Spokane Mountaineers Founded 1915. Mountain climbing, scrambling, backpacking, hiking, skiing, ski touring, snowshoeing, and bicycling. Has trip schedule, experienced leaders for all trips. Conservation. *Org Upd

Yukon Territory

Yukon Outdoors Club Whitehorse. Since 1980. Day trips summer and winter. Equipment for rent to club members. Outdoor courses. *Org Upd