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Different Flavors of GMap Link (15) Top Level

As of 2018.07.04 there are several different GMap links. The links you see depend on whether or not you are on a "line" page such as trips, roads and areas, or a "point" page such as mountains, towns and features.


  1. GMap1
     On the "line" pages, the links are called GMap1 and GMap2. GMap1 is the simplest but does not overlay peak names, etc. It is just an overview map. It shows only a single road, trail or area. It is great for quickly showing somebody a large trip. For example, Betsy's Edziza Ski traverse. You can still zoom in to more detailed levels, and more peak names appear. But there is no bivouac road or trail data.

  2. GMap2
     GMap2 is the "overlay" version. It has an overlay which shows all the Bivouac roads, trails and peaks. For some areas, it initially looks pretty cluttered. For example, go to Scott Nelson's Across the Coast Mountains: From Taseko Lake to Bute Inlet and click GMap2. You initially see a lot of clutter. But when you zoom in on part of it, the map is much more friendly. For example, you could zoom in at either end and thus be able to investigate the roads. The GMap2 link is only available for areas less than 50 km radius.


  1. Gmap
     On mountain pages, there are also two GMap links: GMap (point) and GMap Form. Both have Bivouac overlays. The default Gmap overlay shows all mountains, roads, trails and features such as huts within a default radius (15 or 20 km).

  2. GMap Form
     The "Gmap Form" link is more advanced. It allows you to customize Gmap by choosing different radiuses, different information, etc.