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Access Routes (45) Top Level

There are two main trailheads: Beverley Creek Winter Trail and Hanging Lake Winter Trail. There are two main parking spots: Alexander Falls Parking Lot and Biathlon Parking Lot. Thus there are four possible "pairs" of parking lot-trailhead access. Which routes you use depend on what you are doing. The routes from Biathlon parking lot are shorter, but if you won't be back by 4:30 when the gate closes, use the Alexander routes. Bivouac Gmap now has the routes as yellow dotted lines. Use GMap with the "t8" basemap (OSM Cycle) background map to reconcile these routes with the X-country trail names. When going on a trip, download a gpx file with the routes, then follow the route of your choice.

  1. Alexander to Beverly
    1. East Madeley Route
       This route runs up the east side of Madeley Creek on groomed run.

    2. West Madeley Route.
       This route goes up the west side of Madeley creek. It goes for a short distance thru Callaghan Country. Best route for late return from Beverly.

  2. Alexander to Hanging
    1. South Skirt Route
       This route skirts around the south end of the toll booth loop on the main road, then uses Inside Passage to go past the day lodge.

    2. Through the Middle
       This route starts out going by the Filtration plant, but goes east right through parking lots just north of the Day Lodge, then continues northeast thru obscure x-country trails and ends on an untracked logging road.

  3. Biathlon to Beverly
    1. Biathlon to Beverly Access Route
       This route goes a short distance on X country runs, then leaves the trail and goes down a big drop in the woods to reach the eastern arm of the Madeley Creek groomed run. Then ski north on the edge of that and swing west across the bridge over Beverly Creek. Shortly afterward is the Beverly Lake trailhead.

  4. Biathlon to Hanging
    1. Short Hop
       Go northeast from the parking lot The official Hanging Lake trailhead is almost right at the Biathlon parking lot.