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Clicking on Mountains (60) Top Level

 Now that you know how to move and zoom the map, the next stage is to understand the basic operations you can do on any icon. With any icon that has a label, there are four potential operations:

- Hover over the icon
 - hover over the label
 - click on the icon
 - click on the label

Try each of these operations on Mount Callaghan:

  1. Hover over the icon. You see the full name and height in meters.

  2. Hover over the label. Does nothing.

  3. Click on the icon. A "pop-up" window comes up giving the height, prominence and the ID number of the mountain. Now right click on the Mountain name in the popup. This will allow you to pop up the mountain page in a separate window. Pop it up, then shut that window down again, so we can concentrate on the map.

  4. Click on the LABEL. With firefox, the mountain page pops up in a separate browser tab. With Internet Explorer 8, the mountain page pops up in a separate window. Either way, close the window (or tab) that popped up and go back to the original "Map". Make sure you know how to do this, because otherwise you'll end up with a lot of windows, or become confused. A good practice is to keep the same map window for your whole session, and then open information pages in a separate window each time from the same map. That way you don't have to reload the map each time.

Notice that different mountains have different colored icons. For example Mount Callaghan is a different color than Ring Mountain. The mountain icons depend on the prominence. This allows you to see the high prominence mountains immediately on any map. Mountains with prominence less than 500m have a white square, mountains over 500m prominence have a green square, and mountains over 1000m prominence have an orange square.