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Trailheads (40) Top Level

There are at least two backcountry trails that the people working at the Whistler Olympic park know about. And there are signs along some of the cross country trails which point to these trails.

  1. Beverley Creek Winter Trail

    There are 2 possible access points for the trail. (The trail proper starts when you leave the groomed run just west of the maple leaf bridge over Beverley Creek. There are two ways to get there:

    #a. Park at the Whistler Olympic Park Biathlon Range.
     Head northwest on the groomed trail, passing under an overpass (barely visible on satelite), and then curving around a hairpin to head south. (see satelite photos). Just as you curve south, there is a rough connector trail that cuts off and goes down through the trees to connect with the Madeley Loop which is below you and to the west. Once you emerge from the tree connector, onto the groomed Madeley loop, ski up it's edge till you reach the XC bridge over Beverley Creek. We refer to this as the "Maple Leaf bridge" because it has 4 metal cutouts of maple leafs on it. Once across the bridge, you'll see signs for the Beverley Creek Cross country route on your right. Here you leave the groomed Madeley loop and head upwards into the trees, following the orange markers.

    #b Park at the Alexander Falls Parking lot
     From here ski along Madeley Creek Loop XC trail to the Beverley Creek Bridge, about 2km. Just west of the bridge, pick up the trail in the forest on the righthand side. There is a designated snowshoeing trail (Madeley Explorer) that runs parallel to the Madeley Loop XC trail. See East Madeley Route.

  2. Hanging Lake Winter Trail
     There are three ways to get started on this trail: Biathlon Range Parking or Day Lodge parking.
     a. Park at Biathlon Range Parking Lot. Pick up the trail to the right of the Biathlon Scoreboard, which is located just east of the shooting range. The first part of the trail doubles as "Olympic Explorer" snowshoe trail.
     b. Park at the Day Lodge Parking lots. The day lodge is actually a good place to park if you are going to Hanging Lake. You can reach the hanging lake trail via the XC ski trails by following signs. The route is not as obvious as from the Biathlon Range so it's best if you know where you are going. The main advantage of parking here is to use the fireplace and change rooms at the end of the day. The distance and elevation gain are a bit greater but you ski along XC trails instead a rough ungroomed road.
     c. Alexander falls Parking
     (Longer but not subject to 4:30 gate curfew. From parking lot ski through gap in trees on east side of main Callaghan Valley road, cross first trail, then ski down second trail and loop around south end of the "toll booth loop". Then north past the east side of day lodge. (See #b)