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Maps (50) Top Level

The best map for the backcounry trails is the GMap hybrid view. However, the individual X country runs are not labelled on this map. There are several PDF maps of the cross country trails. Unfortunately they are difficult to use or co-related to the Bivouac GMap Google maps because they do not have any lat-longs. The Whistler Olympic park divides the trails into two areas: "Madeley Creek Trails" and "Olympic Plateau Trails". There are then PDF brochure maps for each area that print nicely.

  1. GMap OSM
      In GMap most of the trails are on the OSM choice and labelled. However as of 2017 it is missing a few parts of the backcountry access routes.

  2. GMap Bivouac overlay
     (the GMap link in Bivouac) Bivouac has the two key backcountry trails, and all the parking lots. It also has the key X-country trails useful for accessing the backcountry. If you look up any feature such as Whistler Olympic Park - Day Lodge and then click the red GMap link, you'll see a map showing the backcountry trails such as Beverley Creek trail and Hanging Lake Winter trail. These trails are currently not shown on any of the other maps, although marked.

  3. Ski Callaghan map

  4. Olympic Plateau PDF Map
     This map shows only the Olympic trails and is not lat-long referenced. However it has trail names. Prints out onto a useable 8 1/2 by 11 page. As of 2017 there are minor things out of date such as still showing the backcountry overnight access parking lot near the water filtration plant.

  5. Ski Callaghan Paper map
     A paper map on 12 x 18 paper, printed both sides, which shows all the official X-Country trails in both Callaghan Country and Callaghan Country. This map is available at the Day Lodge in 2013. It's title is "Ski Callaghan". Does not show backcountry trails and does not have contour lines or any grid. Contents: It has the trail names labelled on it. One side shows the Callaghan trails, and the other side shows the Whistler Olympic Trails. Some of the "trails" shown for the Callaghan part are "wilderness route" - ungroomed, and in fact don't exist, such as routes up to "Telemagique Lake".

  6. Clark Geomatics Paper map
     This map shows both the ski trails and the backcountry trails. It is a contour map, with 25m contours.