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Parking Lots (30) Top Level

As of 2013, there are four main parking areas, three operated by Whistler Olympic and one by Callaghan Country. There is no overnight parking in any lot within either WOP or Callaghan country area. For overnight, you should use the Alexander Falls Parking lot.

  1. Biathlon Parking Lot
     This lot is at the north end of the road. As you can see from GMap, it is where the Beverley Creek Winter Trail and the Hanging Lake Winter Trail start from. To get to this lot, you must drive through the ticket gate and pay the $16 parking fee (2017). No overnight parking, you must be out by 4:30 or so when the gate closes.

  2. Callaghan Country Parking Lot
     In winter (when trails are groomed) it is for day use only. Once the Olympic facility closes in spring then people park in it for spring skiing.

  3. Alexander Falls Parking Lot
     As of 2017, a small plowed out spot for about 4 cars. This is intended for overnight trips and trips where you might not be back before the 4:30 gate curfew.

  4. Whistler Olympic Parking P1
     There are actually three parking lots near the Day Lodge, numbered 1, 2, and 3 on their maps. They appear on GMap as blue "P" symbols. You would park here if you were X-country skiing on the groomed trails. Note: Overnight parking is not permitted here. See Whistler Olympic Parking P1, Parking Lot P2, Whistler Olympic Parking P3