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Two Separate X-Country Ski Operations (20) Top Level

There are two separate nordic skiing operations in the Callaghan valley: Whistler Sport Legacies (formerly Whistler Olympic Park) and Together they form one big area, with Whistler Olympic Park on the east, and Callaghan Country on the west. Whistler grooms 55 km of trails and Callaghan an additional 28 km. The Callaghan Country trails are the ones in the Callaghan Creek drainage. The Whistler Olympic Park Trails are the ones in the Madeley Creek drainage. The problem for backcountry users is that to access the traditional backcountry trails you need to cross (and in some cases ski alongside) the groomed runs.

Two key backcountry trails leave from the Biathlon Parking Lot at the north end of the Whistler Olympic Park: the Beverley Creek Trail and the Hanging Lake Winter Trail. To drive to that lot you must go through the main gate. As of 2017, the main gate at Whistler Olympic Park is open from 8:30am to 4:30pm. There is a $16 parking fee per car for backcountry users, payable at the main gate.