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True Location of Minster Mountain (20) Top Level

Problem: On both the metric and imperial 1:50K map the label for Minster mountain is in a location that does not correspond to the heights given in various guidebooks. The label is on a much lower and insignificant peak.

There are three possible peaks which could be Minster Mountain.

  • Colt Peak 9650'
  • Horse Peak 10250'
  • Minster Mountain 10250'
  • Here are the heights of "Minster Mountain" in various guidebooks:

     Height on 1:50K 2941 9650
     Height in Peakfinder: 3124 10250
     Height in Putnam: 3124 10250

    Analysis: It is most likely that the true location of Coleman's Minster Mountain is Peak C, the highest point, not the lower location labelled on the map. Putnam's book gives the height as 10,250 feet, and he specifically refers to Peak A as a sub-summit. "A sub summit 1.5 miles NE overlooks the forks of the Cline River and is part of Coleman's Minster mountain."

    Peak C has a 10,200' contour on the old imperial maps, which corresponds exactly with the 10250 height quoted by guidebooks.

    2011.03.02 Having said all of the above, there are still arguments for putting Minster Mountain on the lower summit. David P. Jones says he has a copy of Coleman's map, and the label is supposedly on the lower summit! However, unless Coleman climbed the sub-peak or also named or labelled the true high point, our interpretation would be that his INTENTION was to assign a name to the highest point on the mountain he was talking about, regardless of whether he could see that high point from the valley.