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Ultras (30) Top Level

As previously discussed, an "ultra" is a peak with 1500m of prominence. There is no minimum height, so an ultra can be a forested bump on an island, as long as it has 1500m of prominence. The original definition was 5000 feet,

Various peak list enthusiasts worldwide have compiled a list of ultras for the whole world. According to Wikipedia in 2012, there are 1524 such peaks worldwide. Below are some links to various lists from Bivouac.

  1. North America Ranges 268 peaks
  2. Canada 141 peaks
  3. United States 130
  4. British Columbia 102
  5. Alberta 9
  6. Alaska 66
  7. Colorado 3

* the above totals have to be updated from time to time to account for changes in the database.