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Examples and Test Cases (20) Top Level

  1. Assiniboine and Lunette Peak
     The distance from Mount Joffre to Assiniboine is 49 km. Lunette Peak is 48 km. Since 48/49 is more than 90%, we skip Lunette.

  2. Mount Seymour
     Near Vancouver is a popular area around Mount Seymour, where every little bump is named. Brockton Point -> Pump Peak -> Second Peak -> Mount Seymour. In this case, we put Pump Peak as the parent of Brockton despite its low prominence of only 45m, because it is not 90% of the distance to Seymour. And then from Pump to second, the same rule applies. The result is that all the low prominence subpeaks are linked to their "technical" line parent, and no peaks are skipped. This example works perfectly with our rule.

  3. Ulysses and Fairweather Example
     This is the case of several unnamed peaks between a given peak and a distant well known peak. Ulysses is about 800km away from Fairweather, and between them is Mount Root and also three nnamed subpeaks, all higher than Ulysses:

      Ulysses 3024 2289
      Root N7 3049 414
      Root N6 3237 452
      Root N2 3770 465
      Root 3928 918
      Fairweather 4671 3956

    So one temptation is to just put Fairweather as the parent of Ulysses. Or at least Root. The way it is on the database as of 5.102 is that the line parent chain shows every peak above P300, regardless of distance. (the rule is never to ignore P300 peaks).

    If this proves to be REALLY undesirable, then I suppose we could raise the threshold from P300 to P500 if the distance is more than 100 km. (Or a ratio, like if distance is 800 km, then threshold is 800m, if distance is 600 km, then threshold is 600m. (With this rule, Ulysses could be "wired" directly to Root (P918), and we could jump over the obscure Root N7, Root N6, etc. But of course once someone has done the more detailed work, no-one should "undo" that work unless there was some other bug or confusion and you were redoing the whole thing.

  4. Murray Peak, Mull Peak

      Mull Peak 2153 463
      Murray Peak 2147 80
      Murray S2 1933 110 Murray
    Initially the database had Murray S2 linked directly to Mull. By the ratio rules, this is clearly a mistake, because Murray is too close. Therefore the line parent was changed to Murray Peak.