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New RoadColors Option in GMap Form
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Change Id: 614 Written: 2019.11.05

This morning I added a new option to Bivouac "GMap Form" called RoadColors. If you set RoadColors to "Random", each road and trail will have a different color. Try this option right now! Here's how: First, go to any mountain page. Eg: Mount Garibaldi. Click "GMap form". When the form comes up, change the "RoadColors" field to "Random". Now display the map and you see that every road has a different color.

One purpose of this feature is to help readers and editors quickly see how an area fits together. You immediately see which trail is which.

Of course you could also figure out how the roads were broken up by looking at the "roadnumber" icons (small green numbers) along the roads, but having the whole line a different color makes the boundaries more obvious at a glance.
  The same option exists in the KMLForm option, so you can do the same thing on your smartphone GPS. In the past year, I've found that having the trails different colors has been the best display on my GPS.