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Dawson Group
Parent Area: Deville Ranges

Area: 40 sq km.Location: Located south and east of Rogers Pass and the Illecillewaet Neve the Dawson Group is bounded by the Incomappleux River on the north, Mitre Creek and the Bishops Glacier to the south and the Beaver Valley on the East. The range contains the highest peaks in Glacier National Park and when viewed from Asulkan Pass they make a tremendous impression. Terrain: A wide selection of routes that would appeal to the generalist mountaineer are available. The rock in the central section of the range isnít up to the quality of that in the Sir Donald range, but on the Western and eastern ends the quartzite appears again. David P Jones book Selkirks South and John Kevin Fox's book the Columbia Mountains of Canada - Central gives excellent descriptions of all the major routes on all the peaks in the range. History: The peaks of the Dawson Group were all explored early in the Glacier House period, or shortly after by Arthur Wheeler during his surveys. They were named after G. H. Dawson, chief surveyor of British Columbia until he resigned in 1916, to be succeeded by Joshua Umbach.

Top Trips
A Southern Selkirk Haute Route Jeff Volp
Copperstain Loop Route Robin Tivy

Top Photos
The Dawson Amphitheater Jeff Volp
Moonrise over the Dawson Range Klaus Haring
Ascending Mount Selwyn Jeff Volp
Mount Fox from the East Dean Richards
Dawson Range from Hermit Doug Brown
Mount Selwyn and The Bishops Range Dean Richards
Mount Dawson from Asulkan Pass Steve Sheriff
Mount Dawson and Associates Rick Collier
Hasler Peak and the Comstock Couloir Conor Hurley
Summit of Hasler Peak/Mount Dawson Conor Hurley

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