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Hermit Range
Parent Area: Big Bend Ranges

Area: 266 sq km.<br><b>Location:</b> Located just north and west of the Trans-Canada highway at Rogers Pass, in Glacier National Park. The range is bounded by the Beaver River and Connaught Creek on the east, the Illecillewaet River to the south and by Bostock Creek and Casualty Creeks to the west.<br> <b>Terrain:</b> The rock of the Hermit range, while generally composed of quartzite and slate is rather variable in its quality and distribution, Catamount peak and the East ridge of Cougar mountain are composed of limestone and slate. A wide selection of routes of all grades and types are available. Also of interest is the Nakimu caves in Cougar valley not far from Balu pass. The caves are part of a limestone system that also makes up the rock on some of the peaks in the central part of the range. The caves used to be open to the public with ladders and walkways, but are now closed. Check with parks regarding limited entry or sporadic tours if interested.<br> <b>History:</b> The bulk of the exploration in this range was carried out from the 1890's to the 1920's. A great deal of it was undertaken by guests staying at Glacier House (CPR Hotel at the current site of the Illecillewaet campground), with the aid of the Swiss guides hired by the CPR. A few of the peaks in the range were first climbed by Arthur O Wheeler and his survey party during the same time period.

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