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Gold Range
Parent Area: Monashee Mountains

Area: 2016 sq km. Location: The Gold Range forms the central section of the Monashee Mountains. It's bounded in the north by the Trans-Canada Highway, west by Upper Arrow Lakes, south by the Sitkum and South Fosthall creeks, and west by Shuswap River, Joss Pass and Wap Creek. Terrain: The peaks are sharp and rugged, rising to almost 3000 m. Many of the peaks in the range are joined together by high connecting ridges. The lower slopes are heavily forested with the timberline elevation varying from 1500 m to 2000 m. Most of the high peaks are made of Gneiss, a metamorphic rock that was formed by sedimentary processes and then altered by high pressure and temperatures.

The range contains many steep, technical rock faces and most of the summits require some rock scrambling. There are several small and moderately sized glaciers around the higher peaks.

The Gold Range receives heavy precipitation and is legendary for the fierceness of the bush at lower elevations. History: A party led by Swiss guides climbed Mount Begbie 1907. Most of the early exploration that followed was done by survey parties. Before 1915, a railway survey party climbed Peak 8832 north of Cranberry Mountain. In 1928, a topographical party led by L. Harris climbed Mount Odin, the highest peak in the range, and also Gates Peak. The more technically difficult peaks such as Thor and Niflheim were not climbed until the 1960's and 70's.

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