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Premier Range
Parent Area: Cariboo Mountains

Area: 1523 sq km.   Location: The Premier Range is bounded on the north by the Fraser River, and on the west by the Thompson River. The east boundary is the Raush River. The Premier Range as a whole is usually discussed as either the Northern Premier Range and the Southern Premier range, with a dividing line between north and south being the Canoe River, North Canoe Glacier and Laurier Glacier, which flows into the Raush River. (About N 52:47). Understanding the watersheds around the Premier Range is a bit...more

Top Trips
Kiwa Creek Approach to Sir Wilfrid Laurier Steve Sheriff
The Southern Cariboo Traverse Rick Collier
A Ski up Kiwa Creek in the Premier Range Don Funk
History and First Ascent route - Mount John Oliver (Mount Aspiration) Roger Wallis

Top Photos
Mount Sir Wilfrid Laurier Rick Collier
Mount John Oliver Don Funk
Mount Richard Bennett Don Funk
Mount Sir John Abbott behind Kiwa Glacier Steve Sheriff
Premier Range Panorama Klaus Haring
Mount Pierre Elliot Trudeau David Wasserman
The North Face of Mount Zillmer John Scurlock
Mount Sir John Thompson From The Northeast John Scurlock
Mount Sir John Thompson across the North Canoe Glacier Rick Collier
Mount Sir Wilfrid Laurier II Rick Collier
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