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Panorama of the entire Ramparts
Parent Area: Park Ranges

Area: 84 sq km.Location: The official extent of the Ramparts on the maps is confined to the steep wall of tightly connected peaks immediately west of Amethyst Lakes and drained on the west by the headwaters of the Fraser River, with Parapet Peak being the last peak in the Ramparts proper.

Includes: Both the eastern and western groups of the Ramparts in one panorama. Terrain: The Ramparts themselves are very steep rock, with most climbs involving roped belays. Peaks further south like McDonell Peak are spectacular snow scrambles, and don't require roping up. Simon Peak is a bit trickier, with a narrow snow ridge. To the north, the Moat Lake area is quite swampy in summer, and bare feet are often superior to boots. The pass at the head of the Fraser Glacier into Simon Creek can be readily skied in winter as a good day trip from Wates-Gibson Hut, with spectacular views of Simon Glacier, Mastodon Glacier. History: The Ramparts area has been a destination for both mountaineers and horse traffic since the 1930's. Near the east shore of Amethyst Lake is one of the original clusters of horse cabins that were allowed to continue operating within the Park boundaries.

To the south of Amethyst Lakes, is the Wates-Gibson Hut at Outpost Lake, operated by the ACC. From the cabin one can hike west over the divide south of McDonell Peak and Simon Peak and get a glimpse of considerably wilder country. Similarly, the upper headwaters of the Fraser River are considerably more remote and wild.

Top Trips
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Fraser River - Tonquin Valley Traverse Klaus Haring
A Climb Of Majestic Mountain Klaus Haring
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Oubliette Mountain - Climb of East Face Rich Gebert
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Top Photos
Mount Geikie from the North Eric Coulthard
First Glimpse of the Ramparts from Maccarib Pass David Wasserman
Barbican Peak Eric Coulthard
The Ramparts,Tonquin Valley Dieter Kepper
Paragon, Parapet and Mount Fraser Dieter Kepper
The Ramparts and Tonquin Pass David Wasserman
Oubliette Mountain - East Face Rich Gebert
Sunrise on the Ramparts David Wasserman
Turret Mountain and Mount Geikie Dieter Kepper
Bastion Peak from the Southeast Dieter Kepper
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