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Flathead Range (BC)
Parent Area: Border Ranges

Area: 1522 sq km.Location: The Flathead Range informally extends from the 49th parallel to Tornado Pass on the North, a distance of approximately 100 km. West boundary is Flathead and Elk Rivers. East boundary is Waterton and Livingston Rivers. The formal definition of the range, however, is south of the Crownest Pass (N) and to the east of the Taylor Range and Michel Creek. Terrain: The mountains are bare limestone without glaciers or permanent snow. This group straddles the continental divide with the highest mountain, Mount Blakiston east of the divide. History: n 1858 Lt. Blakiston of the Palliser Expedition crossed North Kootenay pass. Crowsnest pass itself was not discovered until about 10 years later by Michael Phillips, an employee of the Hudson's Bay company at Fort Sheppard, and later a prospector in the gold rush near Fort Steele. He found the pass during his trapping along Morrisey and Michel Creek. (CAJ 1-108, 2-199)

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