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Pearson Ridge

Area: 22 sq km.Pearson Ridge is much drier than neighbouring Marshall Ridge (to the east) but sharing the same orientation, Pearson Ridge's forests are more "open" and the terrain a bit more suitable for casual hiking than Marshall Ridge's. There is a small lake at 1430m (4692') just NW of the main summit, between it and a slightly lower summit at 1460m (4789') less than 500m north of the highest. This lake and these twin summits are accessible within 500m by roads which approach the summit both from the north and south.

Like Marshall Ridge, most parts of Pearson Ridge are covered in mine-survey and fire-control roads.

Top Trips
Black Forest loop by Pearson Mountain Cliff Jennings

Top Photos
North Cinnibar 93 pan (Carpenter Lake, Pearson Peak, & Tyaughton Lake) Cliff Jennings
South Cinnabar 27 pan (Pearson Peak, Pearson E3, & Pearson SE5 ) Cliff Jennings

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