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Pioneer Group (Purcells)
Parent Area: Purcell Mountains

Area: 276 sq km.Putnam puts the Pioneer Group as all the peaks starting "6 mi W of Mt Hamill [...] and extends some 6 mi in the direction of Kootenay Lake, from which the Wmost alpine-type peak is 5 mi distant. The area is bounded on the N by Hamill Creek and on the S by Fry-Carney Creeks."

He divides the group into a western and eastern wing, the eastern wing often being referred to as the Settler Group these days, which has its own entry.

Top Trips
Lake Bonny Gem and Mount McLeod Dean Richards
Escaping the Grey: Ski Touring on Kootenay Joe Ridge Sandra McGuinness
Once More Into The Wild: Scrambles In The Settlers Group Sandra McGuinness
Mount Willet from Heart Lake Trail Dean Richards
Mount Lake: Speculations on Five Possible Routes Dean Richards

Top Photos
The Settlers Group: Winter, Bulmer and Beguin Sandra McGuinness
Bacchus Ridge from Mount Willet Dean Richards
Mount Lake - Southwest Ridge Dean Richards
Mount Rasmussen from McLeod-McLanders Col Dean Richards
Mount Bulmer from Mount Beguin Dean Richards
Mount Fitzsimmons - East Face Dean Richards
Comb Mountain from the Southeast Dean Richards
Kootenay Joe Ridge Sandra McGuinness
Mount McLanders from Mount McCleod Dean Richards
Mammary Peak from the West Dean Richards
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