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Waputik Mountains
Parent Area: Park Ranges

Area: 1070 sq km. Location: The Waputik Mountains is the proper name for the long north-south range of mountains lying between the Bow-Mistaya Rivers and the Amiskwi-Blaeberry-Howse Rivers. It includes both the icefields typically traversed on the so called Wapta Icefield traverse (the <a href=ArxPg.asp?ArxId=1125>Wapta Icefield</a> and the <a href=ArxPg.asp?ArxId=1127>Waputik Icefield</a>. It also includes the President Range. Includes: Wapta Icefield, Waputik Icefield, President Range, Waputik Range. Terrain: These mountains are heavily glaciated. Many are fairly easy ski ascents from the high icefields such as the Wapta Icefield. Certain areas are subject to avalanche, especially once you are off the glaciers and depth hoar becomes a problem. For example, there have been several avalanches on peaks like the President, or the Isolated Col that have buried people.

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Howse Peak Northeast Aspect Reid Holmes
Mount Patterson and Peyto Lake from Cirque Peak David Wasserman
Mount Balfour Andrew Siefert
Mount Baker above Trapper Peak Eric Coulthard
Trapper Peak from East-Southeast Reid Holmes
Mistaya Mountain and Mount Patterson Sandra McGuinness
The President/Vice-President Massif Rick Collier
Ayesha Peak Rick Collier
Mount Gordon from the Northwest Rick Collier
Wapta Mountain from the Yoho Pass Trail David Wasserman
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