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Dawson Area
Parent Area: Kootenay Area

Area: 4061 sq km.Dawson Area, Rogers Pass South, Duncan Ranges, Badshot Range

Top Trips
A Return Visit With The Great White Whale: 2010 KMC Climbing Camp Sandra McGuinness
What A Wonderful World: Climbing Mount Sir Donald and Uto Peak Sandra McGuinness
A Southern Selkirk Haute Route Jeff Volp
Dancing Around the Great White Whale: Climbing in the Melville Group Sandra McGuinness
Mount Pool - Southern Approach and SE Ridge Dean Richards
Good Times in the Badshots: Ferguson to Armstrong Lake Sandra McGuinness
Hiking in Heaven: Backpacking Silvercup Ridge Sandra McGuinness
Kootenays Road Trip and Three Alpine Meadow Trips Robin Tivy
A Grand Excursion: The Abbott Afton Traverse Sandra McGuinness
Long Day on the Northwest ArÍte of Sir Donald Michael Stanton
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Top Photos
The Dawson Amphitheater Jeff Volp
Mount Proteus and Moby Dick Mountain Jeff Volp
Mount Sir Donald's Super Classic Northwest Ridge Jason Dixon
Scramble Route up Fays Peak on Silver Cup Ridge Robert Stevens
Grand Mountain Jeff Volp
Thumb Spire Jeff Volp
Sunset on Mount Templeman Sandra McGuinness
Beak Peak, Goat Tower, Mount Pool, Mount Hillman Dean Richards
Skiing Camerade Peak Jeff Volp
Mount Wheeler - Northwest Glacier Jeff Volp
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Alpine Journal Articles
1907 A Day On Sir Donald Frank W Freeborn
1979 Battle Brook to the Battle Range Phil Smith
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