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South Purcells
Parent Area: Kootenay Area

Area: 10232 sq km.South Purcells (St Mary River)

Top Trips
St Mary's Greatest Hits: Nowitka Dean Richards
Hot Springs, Glaciers, and Granite - a Ski Traverse into the Leaning Towers Group Jeff Volp
A Short Walk up Mount Loki Sandra McGuinness
A brief Visit to St Marys Alpine Area Klaus Haring
Purcell Divide exploration Chris Ferguson
Kimberley to St. Mary Alpine Park - Hiking Traverse Chris Ferguson
Kootenays Road Trip and Three Alpine Meadow Trips Robin Tivy
Mt Baldr from the St Mary's Valley Jeff Volp
Akokli Mountain via Southeast Ridge Dean Richards
Road Trip to Nevada 2017 Klaus Haring
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Top Photos
Hall Peak and Leaning Towers from the East Doug Brown
The Leaning Towers Group Sandra McGuinness
Snowcrest from the West Sandra McGuinness
Mount Loki: New Trail to Summit Sandra McGuinness
Mount Alton from Nowitka Mountain Dean Richards
Old Tom Mountain from the West Dean Richards
Haystack Mountain from the West Dean Richards
Nowitka S5 from the Northeast Dean Richards
Pinh-6 from the Southwest (Telephoto) Dean Richards
Nowitka Mountain from South Klaus Haring
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