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Kitimat Ranges
Parent Area: Mid Coast Area

Area: 46756 sq km.Includes offshore islands such as Trutch, Gil, Gribbell and Hawkesbury Islands.

Top Trips
Traversing East of the Gamsby and Kimsquit Rivers Dave Williams
A Kitlope Meander Dave Williams
First Across North America - Alexander Mackenzie's Route Robin Tivy
Hakai Marine Park by Kayak - Kwakshua Channel to Shearwater Peter Gumplinger
Cascade Inlet to Mussel Inlet (On Foot) Dave Williams

Top Photos
Atna Peak East Face John Baldwin
Morning Light on Khawachen Mountain Glenn Woodsworth
Backwater Corners of the Coast Mountains: Smaby Peak Glenn Woodsworth
The "Other" Black Dome Glenn Woodsworth
Bensins Peak from the East Dean Richards
Kemano Country: Transmission Tower & Powerline Pass Glenn Woodsworth
Mount Henderson and Andesite Bryan Last
Kite-skiing beneath the East Face of Mount Clore Bryan Last
Morning near Khawachen Mountain Glenn Woodsworth
North and West Faces of Atna Peak Matt Lucas
More Photos

Alpine Journal Articles
The Ski traverse John Clarke
Paper Maps