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Silverthrone Monarch Area
Parent Area: Mid Coast Area

Area: 22337 sq km.Contains the Monarch-Silverthrone icecap as well as coast area.

Top Trips
Traversing West from Silverthrone Mountain to Smiith Inlet Dave Williams
First Ascent of Mount Willoughby John Clarke
Talchako Northeast Ridge: Up in Smoke Drew Brayshaw
Mount Monarch's Court Martin Kafer
A Visit to the Nusatsum Divide Don Funk
Monarch Icefield Traverse Tim Blair
Snootli Express - Mind Games and Huge Runouts (Homathko Plan B) Drew Brayshaw
Monarch Icefield Ski Traverse Betsy Waddington
First Across North America - Alexander Mackenzie's Route Robin Tivy
Cerberus Mountain Climbing Route on Skis Don Funk
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Top Photos
Monarch Mountain from the Northwest Don Funk
Mount Jacobsen From North and Ape Lake Don Funk
Ratcliff Contemplation Drew Brayshaw
Paragliding off Silverthrone Sandy Briggs
Mosquito Pass and the Nusatsum Massif Don Funk
Arjuna-Horn-Nyland Area from South Drew Brayshaw
Talchako North Face from North Drew Brayshaw
Klinaklini Peak Sandy Briggs
Saugstad from Southeast Drew Brayshaw
Mount Fyles and the Fyles Glacier Don Funk
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