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Queen Charlottes Area
Parent Area: Mid Coast Area

Area: 26019 sq km.null

Top Trips
Sleeping Beauty and Mount Raymond, Haida Gwaii David Campbell
South Moresby Ocean Canoe Expedition Robin Tivy
Kayaking in Gwaii Haanas - a Northern Galapagos Fern Hietkamp

Top Photos
Mount Moresby Keith Freeman
San Christoval Range, Mount de la Touche Ed Farrell
Sleeping Beauty from Skidegate Ferry David Campbell
Mount Stapleton, Haida Gwaii Sandy Briggs
Mount Matlock Brian Buick
Mount Laysen, San Christoval range, Queen Charlotte Islands Ed Farrell
Tow Hill, Naikoon Peninsula Mike Cleven
Slatechuck From The North Brian Buick
Stapleton and Delta Dome Brian Buick
QC Alpine: Peak 18-29 (1029m), Graham Island Drew Brayshaw
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