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Garibaldi Provincial Park (Garibaldi Park)

Area: 2104 sq km. Location: Garibaldi Park is located north of Squamish, and east of Whistler. It is 194,650 hectares in size, and one of the most visited destinations in BC for hiking, backcountry skiing and mountaineering. Its western boundary is the Cheakamus River and the Green River. Its eastern boundary is roughly the Lillooet River, although both boundaries were drawn to exclude the low elevation timber found along these boundaries. Terrain: Garibaldi park is mostly high alpine terrain, with a few pockets of old growth timber on the fringes. The scenery is stunning, containing flowery alpine meadows, large glaciers, and 125 mountains. The snowfall in the northern part of the park is somewhat less than the south, because it is further inland. At the south end, Diamond Head often has 3-5 meters at Elfin Shelter. The crown jewel of the park is Garibaldi Lake, at 1463 m (4800 feet) it is the highest lake of its size in BC. History: Garibaldi Park was created by volcanic action. Black Tusk, Price Mountain, The Table, Mount Garibaldi, Cinder Cone, and Glacier Pikes, are all volcanoes. One noteable feature is "The Barrier" which was formed by lava from Clinker Peak. Behind this natural dam, 300-metre deep Garibaldi Lake was formed.

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Top Photos
Wedgemount Glacier - Before the Recession Gerry Kollmuss
Mount Pitt to Wolverine Pass Doug Brown
Sunrise over Mamquam and Garibaldi Justin Brown
Mt. Garibaldi from Gentian Peak Alan Nurmeste
Garibaldi Massif from Southeast Fred Touche
Fire Spires from the North Terry Halverson
Snowcap Icefield Don Funk
Mamquam from Drop Pass Doug Brown
Tremor Mountain from the Southwest Steve Sproule
Black Tusk from Panorama Ridge Mitch Sulkers
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Alpine Journal Articles
1907 The First Ascent of Mount Garibaldi A. T. Dalton

Paper Maps of Park
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