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Fraser Whirlpool Area
Parent Area: North Rockies

Area: 5374 sq km.South of the highway, over to Tete Jaune, down to Wood Arm. Includes Selwyn Range, Ramparts, Hooker Icefield. The Fraser headwaters and Whirlpool headwaters. (Athabasca Pass area). Includes Mt Robson Provincial park and north part of Hamber Provincial Park.

Top Trips
Overland to the Fraser Headwaters Robin Tivy
Selwyn Range Traverse - Classic Mountain Exploration Robin Tivy
Fraser River - Tonquin Valley Traverse Klaus Haring
Fryatt Whirlpool Loop - A Christmas too Cold Robin Tivy
A Climb Of Majestic Mountain Klaus Haring
East Ridge - Edith Cavell Henrik Hinkkala
The Moose River - Grant Creek Loop Klaus Haring
Mount Fryatt via Geraldine Lakes Vern Dewit
Cross Canada Road Trip (And Culture Exchange) Robin Tivy
Hiking Mount Terry Fox Klaus Haring
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Top Photos
Mount Edith Cavell in April from Skyline Trail Robin Tivy
Dunkirk Mountain Stephen Skog
The Full Bulk of Catacombs Mountain Klaus Haring
Mount Fryatt from Skyline Trail (April) Robin Tivy
Oldhorn Mountain and Portal Creek David Wasserman
Jeannette Peak from the south via air Pascale Marceau
Mount Geikie from the North Eric Coulthard
Sinkhole below Karpathos Peak (Olympus) Klaus Haring
Overlander Mountain at Sunset David Wasserman
Majestic Mountain Eric Coulthard
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Alpine Journal Articles
New Light On Mounts Brown And Hooker E. W. D. Holway
1915 First Ascent Of Mt. Edith Cavell... E. W. D. Holway
1924 Journey Through Jasper - Part 1: Athabasca Pass area J. Munroe Thorington
1924 First Ascents of Mount Barbican and Mount Geikie Val A. Fynn
1924 Journey Through Jasper - Part 2: Ascents in the Rampart Group J Munroe Thorington
1926 Attempt on Mt. Redoubt - 1926 T.B. Moffat
1928 Trails of the Athabaska and Columbia, 1928 - Part 1 J. Monroe Thorington
1928 Ascents of Mts. Redoubt and Casemate J.E.Johnson
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