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Goodsir Area
Parent Area: South Rockies

Area: 2918 sq km.Includes the Lake Louise area and Goodsir area. The area south of Lake Louise and the trans Canada highway, and west of Highway 93.

Top Trips
Beaverfoot Traverse, part VI Rick Collier
Traverse of the First Section of the North Beaverfoot Range Rick Collier
Dayhiking the Rockwall David Wasserman
Cross Canada Road Trip (And Culture Exchange) Robin Tivy
Traverse Of The Goodsirs Jason Thompson
Mount Stephen North Ridge Tom Wolfe
A visit to Goodsir Pass Klaus Haring
Mount Vaux - Scramble or Climb? Vern Dewit
Kootenays Road Trip and Three Alpine Meadow Trips Robin Tivy
Hungabee Mountain from Lake O'Hara via West Ridge Rick Collier
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Top Photos
The Goodsirs from President Pass David Wasserman
Mount Temple south slopes route - Yellow Bands Kevin Altheim
Tumbling, Mammoth, Foster and the Wolverine Warden's Cabin Stephen Skog
Super Couloir on Deltaform Ian Hunt
A Classic View on the South Ridge, Mount Victoria Ian Hunt
Mount Vaux and Hoodoo Creek Burn Stephen Skog
Mount Lefroy from North Reid Holmes
Floe Lake from the Numa Pass Trail David Wasserman
Climbers on the Northeast Ridge of Mt. Bell Andrew McLeod
Moraine Lake and View South from Temple Steve Sproule
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Alpine Journal Articles
1907 Three Attempts on Pinnacle P. D. McTavish
1918 Around Lake Louise In 1918 Val. A. Fynn
Paper Maps
Lake O'Hara Gem Trek 1:20000 25m
Best of Lake Louise Gem Trek 1:35000 25m
Lake Louise & Yoho Gem Trek 1:50000 25m
Kootenay National Park Gem Trek 1:100000 100m