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Whistler Olympic Park (WOP)

Area: 11 sq km.The Whistler Olympic Park (WOP) is an area featuring numerous facilities created for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, such as a large day lodge, 55 km of groomed cross country ski tracks, snowshoe trails. It was formerly called the Whistler Nordic Area. It is a winter park, and in summer some of the trails revert back to forest service roads. As a winter only park, it doesn't have formal boundaries. The boundaries used in Bivouac for this area were just created by going around the outside of the cross country groomed trail map.

The parking lots are the starting point for numerous backcountry destinations such as Puma Peak, Hanging Lake, and Rainbow mountain. To get to these backcountry trips you typically park in one of their parking lots, or in the Alexander falls parking area just south of the WOP. As such you need to pass through the area which contains the groomed trails. Fortunately, due to the work of Scott Nelson and the Federation of mountain clubs, there is now a reasonable provision for this. See <a href=PgxPg.asp?PgxId=3303>Backcountry Access Rules</a>.

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