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South Rockies
Parent Area: Western North America

Area: 65932 sq km.Includes everything from the border to Saskatchewan Crossing.

Top Trips
Lyell-Forbes Ski Traverse Robin Tivy
Mount Ball's Sunny Ice Tongue Tom Wolfe
Laughing Bears Creek - A tour Rick Collier
A First Ascent of Mount Peters and a Climb of Condor Peak Rick Collier
Mount Harrison Approaches and Climbing Routes Rick Collier
Ascents in Top of the World Provincial Park Rick Collier
Mount Forbes West Ridge via Glacier Lake Andrew McLeod
Ski Patrol: Drummond Glacier, Bonnet Peak, Pulsatilla Pass Robin Tivy
Beaverfoot Traverse, part VI Rick Collier
The Southern Great Divide Trail+, A Six-Day Spring Adventure Rick Collier
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Top Photos
Mount Assiniboine South Ridge and East Face Reid Holmes
Mount Girouard from the West Kevin Altheim
Summit Ridge of Mount Barnard Rick Collier
Shadow Lake and Mount Ball David Wasserman
Howse Peak Northeast Aspect Reid Holmes
Onslow Mountain and Mount King George from Northover Ridge David Wasserman
Mount Harkin from the Northwest Kevin Altheim
Mount Joffre from North Reid Holmes
Mount Rundle From Highway 1 Justin Brown
Cascade from the South Kevin Altheim
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Alpine Journal Articles
1907 Three Attempts on Pinnacle P. D. McTavish
1918 Around Lake Louise In 1918 Val. A. Fynn